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Profistart E-Business Professional - Automate your sales processes with our professional e-business software solutions.

We develop business-specific applications for all business processes within the company. Workflow, analysis, software development. Our browser-based software solutions are designed to make your business processes as easy and comfortable as possible.

profistart E-Business Professional browser-based software solutions

Your advantage with browser-based software solutions and web applications from profistart

The great flexibility and independence of end devices is your big advantage. Browser-based software solutions and web applications are on the rise. Best example are systems like Prestashop and Odoo ERP. The browser-based software solutions from profistart Software Solution are designed to support your company as an IT tool. Achieve more efficiency through process automation with our browser-based software solutions customized for your company. No finished solutions, no complicated operation. We create special and optimal browser-based software solutions.

E-Commerce Prestashop - SEO optimal and user comfortable


Start now with E-Commerce Prestashop and profistart E-Business Professional

E-Commerce Webshop Prestashop is the most modern onlineshop, which you can get adapted to your needs. Prestashop is built up search engine friendly, so you do not lose points in your Google rankings. Only top 6 pages on Google can be really successful. Prestashop also scores with comfort, modularity and a very friendly user environment. As a beginner you will be able to take care of your webshop very quickly.

Prestashop will serve you fully:

  • Product Management
  • PDF Management
  • Customer Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Product Variants
  • Product Filter System
  • Checkout
  • Payments
  • Delivery
  • Legals
  • SEO Optimization
  • CMS System
  • Newsletter
  • E-Mail Service
  • Marketing Tools

Check out Prestashop Live Demo:

Check out Prestashop Administration Live Demo:

E-Commcerce Prestashop Modules and Addons


We develop according to your needs - onlineshop Prestashop, Modules and Addons by profistart Software Solution

The onlineshop Prestashop was developed by French students. Prestashop scores with user friendliness. With the open-source market strategy of Prestashop the shop system continues to grow. The modular design and the SEO afinity of Prestashop are becoming increasingly popular. Currently, Prestashop has 300,000 users. More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of Prestashop and are changing.

Link to Prestashop Modules and Addons:

Odoo ERP - versatile and flexible


What does the Odoo System offer as an ERP software solution?

The Open Source software solution Odoo ERP is browser-based, completely independent of clients, operating systems and any additional software. You only need an Internet browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE oder Opera)

What does Odoo ERP offer?

Odoo ERP covers all areas and workflows of a company.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)
  • Invoices and Quotation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Planning
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Website / Webshop
  • Scaffolding
  • Odoo Apps und Addons
  • Odoo Modules

Check out Odoo Live Demo:

Odoo - not just an ERP system


Odoo ERP - modern modular and web-based - now with profstart Software Solution

Odoo ERP is completely browser-based and thus completely independent of the device. Thus, Odoo is always ready for use. Odoo ERP is open-source and thus always up-to-date. Odoo is currently available in 85 languages ​​in 145 countries, has 5,500 developers and 2,000,000 users. Odoo ERP has about 400 main modules and over 9.500 additional modules.

Odoo ERP scores with user friendliness and covers all workflows of a company. With Odoo you have warehouse management, customer care (CRM), webshop and much more. With Odoo ERP you share the vision: A clear cross-departmental system for all business processes and workflows of a company.

Link to Odoo ERP Apps, Modules, Addons:

Webshop with Prestashop or Wordpress

Quickly professionally easy your Internet shop with profistart Software Solution

Do you want to finally get started with an onlineshop of your own professional website? Then contact us. You will get from us a modern highend webshop with specific modules and addons from Prestashop or also, if it should be very fast, with Wordpress.

profistart CMS Content Management System

Profistart Software Solution - database with PHP interface

PHP is used throughout the Internet. The flexible programming language provides the perfect interface between human and computer. Databases can be queried as desired via a specially designed PHP interface. The combination of database systems and PHP fulfills a high degree of user-friendliness and the application area is very wide.

profistart Software Solution - Archival Digitization - Document Management System

Save time, money and lots of space with profistart E-Business Professional

A medium-sized company takes about 30 minutes to complete a search. Use all the advantages of modern information management with profistart Software Solution. From now on, you only need max. 2 minutes to get business information.

Do not waste any longer time just to find internal records between files. Space does not matter anymore. Get your information quickly and clearly with a few mouse clicks.

Profistart Software Solution digitizes any archive material and creates an economic database for you. Use the advantage of digitalization for effective and mobile management of your archive goods.

With PHP you can easily access your database with the desired user interface. Get one of the most effective PHP MySQL database systems with profistart Software Solution.

profistart E-Business Professional - Start your business with your own database system

Databases, the knowledge of many companies. Fast storing of customer and business details. As well fast searching from everywhere and everyone with priorities.

Actual database applications let you work very efficiency by sharing informations in and out of your business. Professionell database systems like Windows SQL Server approves you to administer all workflows in your company over the world.

You are able to share informations also with MySQL databases from Oracle and a good webapplication interface for World Wide Web. Nice database webapplications are for example facebook, google, wikipedia and much more database systems.

Secure time, satisfaction and customers with databases and optimized database applictations with profistart Software Solution.

profistart E-commerce Webshop

Profistart Software Solution - Automate your sales processes with our professional e-business solutions

E-commerce is the agreement, handling and maintenance of exchange processes over the Internet.

We support companies to deliver compelling interactions across all digital channels. E-commerce includes the purchasing and distribution process, customer service and online banking. The most important area in e-commerce is still the electronic communication process between B2C and B2B.

"B2B" ("Business to Business") means collaboration, workflow between companies and supports purchasing and core processes. "B2C" ("Business to Consumer") deals with ordering and sales processes in sales with end customers.

You come as a business owner with your products to the customer's home. Your company can advise the customer online and make a purchase decision easy. Your customers can take advantage of their offers and services from the couch in familiar surroundings.

profistart E-Business Professional - online marketing and browser-based database software solutions

Make life easier for you and your customers and gain satisfaction and customer loyalty with our easy-to-use software solutions

Reach your customers over the Internet. Register with profistart Software Solution directly on the Internet.

A quick and easy ordering process via a customer-friendly Internet portal, creates an overview and reduces costs. Clearly structured and fast access via database management systems, enable secure and long-term data storage and administration.

History of World Wide Web

Originally, today's Internet was a strategic solution of the US military to maintain communication despite the attack on individual communications points.

A decentralized network like the so-called MILNET of the US military and today's Internet are no longer dependent on a central supercomputer. Thus network sections can fail without a breakdown of the entire network.

In a time when computers were very expensive and were mainly networked and used by universities, it was thought that the world as a whole would get along with only five supercomputers.

Another vision had Bill Gates, he saw a personal computer on every desk. After Bill Gates was right, a billion-strong IT industry developed. Through a lot of useful applications, the world moved a little closer.

profistart E-Business Professional - advertising and presentation material

Achieve effective advertising campaigns with creative minds from With your chosen design and media, successfully address your target groups. Be it flyers, presentations, posters, signs, pens, newspapers, magazines and much more.


  • Germany E-Commerce Ranking by study. Online trading in Germany is booming. price comparison of the top ten e-commerce countries. In Germany about 75 billion euros a year are implemented via onlineshops. Especially in sporting goods, drugstore and health care germany is leading. Only China is more favorable.

  • Amazon buys Whole Foods Market. Amazon buys Whole Foods Market for 12$ Billion Dollar. Whole Foods Market works completely independent as subsidiary of Amazon. This deal enables Whole Foods Market to establish in the E-Commerce Onlineshop sector. Amazon is investing in future of trading food by E-Commerce Onlineshop.

  • Online payment system Stripe starts in Europe with Book A Tiger, Jimdo and Croove. Sunday is a day of rest, which should also apply in the online trade. Employees in the call center or in the e-commerce onlineshop sector should be better protected. Sunday purchase orders are ok Stripe offers 132 currencies, data analysis, e.g. Payment methods, open invoices and recommendations for companies in the e-commerce Onlineshop branch. Payment methods for Onlineshop like credit card, Giropay and Sofortüberweisung are included in Stripe offer. Stripe, launched in 2011, is planning to remain in the B2B e-commerce segment and not expanding into the consumer market.

  • Bündnis 90 Die Grünen require laws for e-commerce online trading. Sunday is a day of rest, which should also apply in the online trade. Employees in the call center or in the e-commerce onlineshop sector should be better protected. Sunday purchase orders are ok but the processing of purchases should start on the next day.

  • The Swedish Payment Service Provider Klarna Has received a banking license. Klarna took over the German competitor Billpay in February. Klarna Payment System in e-commerce is used among others as Prestashop modules. Klarna offers retailers and merchants payment processing in the e-commerce sector and has approximately 70 million customers with 80,000 onlineshops.

  • IKEA goes online with Amazon shop in USA. IKEA will mainly sell small products such as lamps, crockery, kitchen utensils, small furniture, etc. The E-Commerce Onlineshop market for furniture showed a growth of 21% in 2015.

  • ANWR partnership with Zalando. ANWR Group and enter a partner contract with Zalando. All partner traders have a chance to enter the e-commerce onlineshop industry. 1500 station shoe stores are already tied to the e-commerce market.

  • E-commerce online advertising more successful than TV advertising According to a recent AdEx study, the advertising industry is booming and generates about 15% growth last year. Above all, e-commerce online advertising is responsible for the growth. Google profits most from online marketing. Further growth in the e-commerce sector is expected.

  • Tech corporations big growth stopped by US investment bank Goldman Sachs speculation. The shares of tech corporations Google, Amazon and Facebook fell sharply after reaching their peak. According to Goldman Sachs, it is time for a break for tech corporations. The reason for this is the fear of an unnatural growth and a new investment bubble.

  • E-Bay offers the opportunity to enter into e-commerce online trading for local merchants. E-Bay plans to establish local businesses in the e-commerce online trade. In contrast to the past, e-bay offers neutral e-commerce webshops for retailers. Currently, only one in four merchants sell their goods online.

  • Karstadt Multichannel Strategy E-Commerce Online Trade. Karstadt adapts itself to the purchasing behavior of the customers and wants to grow with a new onlineshop. Karstadt's new concept is to support young companies in the e-commerce sector with expensive warehouse space. Then Customers have the opportunity to choose a wide range of products online or in local stores.

  • E-Commerce Dynamic Pricing. In the e-commerce sector, customer-specific price fluctuations become normal. onlineshops design prices according to terminal used by customer, by daytime or customer purchasing behavior. If the customer buys with an iPhone or MacBook in the webshop, the prices are mostly more expensive. Also prices increase in the evening or on weekends. With Dynamic Pricing in the E-Commerce World fairness have priority for retailers because they do not want lose their customers.

  • Test phase Coupon-App project of Speed4Trage starts in Weiden Oberpfalz. Coupon offers restaurants, clubs, leisure- and cultural attractions with little effort for an e-commerce webshop, to offer a wide range of customers. Small companies with no own webshop will benefit. The focus here is on the local sale and visibility for potential customers.

  • Rocket Internet satisfied in the first quarter of 2017. Rocket Internet's flagships Home24, HelloFresh and Westwing have increased their sales. E-Commerce Webshop Zalando does not pay a dividend to its shareholder again. Rocket Internet CEO Oliver Samwer speaks of expected positive development and loss reduction at the Annual General Meeting.

  • China's e-commerce heavyweight Alibaba is not just a classic B2C sales platform. The e-commerce company and its many subsidiaries are the world's sixth-largest Internet company. Now the Alibaba Group wants to expand to Europe.

  • Facebook Resistance against draft law by Heiko Maas. Even economic associations and journalists do not object to prosecution timely elimination of hate and false notifications in social networks. According to Facebook the prevention and prosecution of hate and false reports is the task of the state.

  • Zalando shares rise to 42 euros. The shares of E-Commerce Webshop Zalando slows to a record high. The E-Commerce Webshop has doubled its share price since the 2014 bid. The shares of Zalando are considered as overweight by experts.

  • The largest online marketplace E-Bay has introduced a new rule. It is in principle prohibited, contact details such as telephone number, e-mail address and fax number in the offers. The intention is to ensure that E-Bay users buy directly by merchants.

  • The largest e-commerce webshop Amazon is going to revolutionize supermarkets in Europe with Amazon Go. The concept of the Go-Supermarket is not to have till. All purchases will be transferred to the user's shopping cart in real time via the Amazon App. The customer in the Go-Supermarket is paying by leaving the shop. However, the system still does not work properly.

  • E-Commerce giant Alibaba wants to buy its own company shares in the billions. Last year, Alibaba increased sales by 57 percent with e-commerce and cloud services.

  • ECC Köln study on bitcoins and instant payment in e-commerce. For seller and consumer a clear and uncomplicated payment method is very important. ECC Köln has tested about 500 e-commerce shops. Instant payment is more often used. Bitcoins are slightly lower in comparison to instant payment because bitcoins are limited and have no clear transparency.

  • The internet giant Google shows its innovations at the developer conference I/O California, today. Last year Google's developer conference I/O took place in San Francisco. Main themes will be Android systems and assistance intelligence for more devices and the automotive industry.

profistart E-Commerce Onlineshop

Profistart Software Solution - We develop backend and frontend of your onlineshop. You set up your onlineshop according to your needs in the frontend.

You will receive a complete onlineshop from profistart Software Solution. We briefly introduce you to the administration of e-commerce software. This enables you to offer your products online and to carry out editorial work on your own.

profistart ERP and CRM database software solutions

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) database system is an operational application system that covers all business processes in the areas of finance, accounting, human resources, materials management, production and sales. The most popular ERP company in Germany is SAP AG.

A CRM database system (Customer Relationship Management) integrates all activities between companies and customers. The goal of a CRM database system is the increase of satisfaction and sales.

profistart Software Solution - Typo3

Profistart E-Business Professional - Typo3 allows every user to easily carry out editorial work

With profistart E-Business browser-based software solutions and Typo3 manage websites easily and without special knowledge

You do not need any special knowledge. Work just like with Microsoft Word. Typo3 consists of three units. The Typo3 Backend allows you to edit your website through a clear graphical user interface. The front-end, it serves to display your website to customers and users.

Logic is the main unit of Typo3. It connects the front end to the Typo3 backend. They simply work in the backend and Typo3 creates for you the Fronted.

After pre-configuration by profistart developer, you can edit individual parts of your web page by just a few mouse clicks.

profistart CRM applications

Customer Relationship Management

CRM as customer relationship management software greatly facilitates interaction with your customers and thus increases sales through customer satisfaction. With profistart Software Solution CRM applications, your customer management is equipped for the future. Manage your customers faster and more efficiently.

profistart Websites

Profistart E-Business Professional - make your website easy for the most up-to-date web technologies!

With your Clever Shopping onlineshop from profistart you get user friendliness, professionalism, easy administration, overview, advice and service.

Without special knowledge you can set up your professional shop after our preparation. With drag and drop you can quickly and easily click an aesthetic website.

We provide you with an uncomplicated introduction to the operation of Frontend onlineshop processing. Of course, the profistart employees are always at your disposal with advice and assistance with open questions.

Our product is unbeatable in its ease of operation. You can even upload content to your website using your mobile devices. Inhalte auf Ihre Webseite hochladen.

profistart Magento

Profistart Software Solution - Magento is a Zend Framework e-commerce onlineshop with many possibilities. Magento allows you to manage multiple domains at the same time.

profistart E-Business Professional - WordPress Blog, Forum and Guestbook

These types of Internet portals are perfect for the information exchange between visitors. The main benefit is the possibility to create topics, articles, comments and user rights. Very suitable as a help portal for customers or as an internal communication unit for every employee.

profistart VTiger CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Profistart E-Business Professional - CRM as a customer relationship management software solution

A software solution CRM facilitates enormous interactions with customers and increases sales through customer satisfaction. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system integrates all activities between companies and existing and potential customers. The goal of a CRM system is the increase of satisfaction and sales. Through CRM, a company works more productively and concludes more business. CRM solutions are not closed, so it can be extended and adapted at any time.

CRM is a strategic solution for all planning, control, and execution processes related to the customer. CRM is understood as a control tool and encompasses the complete customer processing process. The customer gets all the attention. This gives you more information about your customers and can bind customers with optimal offers.

Wordpress with profistart browser-based software solutions

Profistart E-Business Professional - Create simple and professional websites

With Wordpress, each layman can create their own professional homepage with simple knowledge of the word. Drag and drop can be used to quickly and easily link an aesthetic website.

You can easily expand your professional website as soon as you have finished and after video retraining.

Of course, you are always at your disposal with open questions. You can even upload content to your Wordpress website using your mobile phone.

Another advantage of Wordpress web pages is that it is preferred by Google and thus for search engine optimization a good basis for reaching more people.

profistart SEO SEA SEM

Profistart E-Business Professional Search Engine Optimization

The fact is that the mass of potential customers can only be achieved through effective search engine optimization. That is why optimizing and constantly upgrading through market analysis, on-page and off-page optimization is very important for your website.

profistart SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Profistart E-Business Professional - With SEO on the first page at Google

The search engine optimization is essential and is done on-page

The fact is that potential customers visit only the first five to six search results when seeking search queries. Internet marketing (product, analysis, advertising) refers to the digital presentation of your product. This includes the successful search engine optimization of your website. A creative, especially designed for your company, design of your website, regarding product and market characteristics, is realized by profistart Software Solution.

Eine kreative, speziell für Ihr Unternehmen ausgerichtete Gestaltung Ihrer Webseite, bezüglich Produkt und Markteigenschaften, wird von profistart Software Solution realisiert. This includes keyword selection. A good placement of the website secured in the largest search engines in the world.

Through continuous search engine optimization, your website remains attractive to Google and Co.

Because your website is constantly competing with other sites, a persistent offpage optimization must be ensured in order to maintain and improve your search engine rankings and the placement of your website Search queries.

The off-page optimization includes among other things the link-building and SMO Social Media Optimization.

profistart SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Profistart E-Business Professional - SEA Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising is the switching of advertising to search engines like Google, which are billed per Click CPC cost-per-click. This includes text advertising, advertising and video advertising via Google Advertising. Profistart takes over the complete cycle from the professionally tailored design, circuit of ads to the Adwords monitoring monitoring.

profistart SMM - Social Marketing

Do you know the Kinofilm Facebook, which presents the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in his student life?

What are the benefits of social marketing to standard marketing?

Probably it's not quite as it was in the film, but his vision has become reality for us all, just like Bill Gates with Microsoft. With Mark Zuckerberg the commercial social network has experienced a boom all over the world and thus the social marketing.

Experts keep the likes of the button up, but it's not that easy! In addition to the Like Button, some factors play a role. Personal social life plays a very important role here. Friends you know and familiar with, who like to recommend your products through the likes of me, find faster customers, since people think socially and emotions strongly influence a purchase decision.

With social marketing, you can react directly to the behavior, needs, wishes and hobbies of target groups. Through social marketing you skip important aspects in order to move the customer to the purchase, and if necessary, they can quickly become a spark that develops into a fire. Well-known companies have long since discovered social marketing for themselves.

Start now with profistart Software Solution! Social marketing professional on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

profistart SEM

Profistart E-Business Professional - SEM is understood as a strategy that uses SEO search engine optimization and SEA Search Engine Advertising as an instrument.

Facebook personalized the Internet

The open database Facebook connects websites with user profiles. Facebook provides many database interfaces for every computer scientist and engineer. This allows the data exchange between Facebook's database and the most diverse applications.

Facebook from Mark Zuckerberg goes with the largest freely accessible user database to the stock market

The largest freely accessible user database with over 5 million members goes public. Experts talk about a bubble that can burst. Is Facebook a profitable company?

World Wide Web today

The largest search engine Google is today the most popular public database, which evaluates and manages data stored according to mathematical laws. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were students of the Standford University of California at that time.

The potential of Google is enormous. In 2008 more than one billion websites were indexed on Google. On average, 150 million search queries are sent to Google every day. Google is an integral part of the Internet.

In addition to Google, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Xing has also developed into a sales segment for every modern entrepreneur.

Achieve efficient and successful with profistart Software Solution targeted people all over the world. We take time for your projects.

Access to information is getting faster and more efficient, with a growing trend. Through the continuous development of web technologies and applications, information technology is increasingly being implemented in all areas of everyday life.

The background of success is relational databases. With the right database application, you get the most effective and most economical database system. Fast and user-friendly, all business processes of your company can be integrated into a database system.

We support Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.

We support Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V. in helping against child poverty, childhood diseases and families in need throughout Germany and worldwide.


We support FirstClimate

We support environmental projects by with CO2 compensation


FirstClimate acts against the deforestation of the ever-decreasing forests of Ghana, against the dangerous greenhouse emissions in the production of paper and contributes to improving the quality of life of the people of Africa.

Our partner - security camera system

Access-assured safety camera systems with assembly, programming and service

Secure yourself!

Supervise your property, property, store. Always have a look at cash desks and entrances with our security systems! You get from us in the package, an IP-enabled security system with 4 night vision cameras or more.

The package contains the networkable camera system, the installation and commissioning.

We are happy to introduce you to the service free of charge so that you can access all cameras from anywhere with your mobile phone or laptop.

The cameras take up all movement. Thanks to the night vision capability, no movement escapes. The stored video material can in the worst case be used as evidence in court.

You get the complete service from us.

Do not wait any longer and call immediately

profistart_phone +49 160 929 262 91

I am looking forward to your call: Markus Buchholzner

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